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  • security, zoom, singapore stops teachers from using zoom app following shrewd incidents, Google

    Singapore stops teachers from using Zoom app following shrewd incidents 2020-04-10 08:29:58

    The Zoom app has experienced a rapid boom during this pandemic when people are practicing social distancing to keep themselves safe. But, with the rising popularity comes the dark side to it. While the security and privacy of this application...

    Keywords: app, zoom, zoom, singapore

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    Google, India, google funds 6 ai based research projects in india, Google

    Google Funds 6 AI- based Research Projects in India 2020-02-19 06:43:00

    A six Artificial Intelligence (AI) based research projects have been started by Google in India which is said to be focusing on addressing the social, humanitarian and the environmental changes in various sectors which include health care, education, disaster prevention...

    Keywords: Google, India, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence

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    hackers, government, keep an eye out on the covid 19 trackers you are downloading, Google

    Keep an eye out on the Covid-19 trackers you are downloading 2020-05-09 09:23:40

    Irrespective of which country you reside in, it is likely that you have a nationwide covid-19 tracker application that has been advised by the federal government to be downloaded. With the pandemic raging through the world, the technologists have been...

    Keywords: covid-19 tracker, contact tracing, government, GPS

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    Government companies, Arogya Setu, india makes downloading covid app mandatory unlike other countries, Google

    India Makes Downloading COVID App Mandatory Unlike Other Countries 2020-05-08 12:09:27

    Arogya Setu is an effective app used to track coronavirus. Two months back when it was created, no one used it. Now things have drastically changed and there are almost 100 million users on this app.The Prime Minister requested the...

    Keywords: Private companies, Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi

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    Google Maps, Google, google ceo shares burrito map on the 15th anniversary of google maps, Google

    Google CEO shares "Burrito Map" on the 15th anniversary of Google Maps 2020-02-07 10:30:44

    Sundar Pichai who is the Chief Executive Officer of Google has shared a list of his favourite burrito restaurants in the world as he celebrates 15 years of Google Maps.The Chief Executive Officer has written in his twitter handle some...

    Keywords: Sundar Pichai, Google, Google Maps, Google Maps

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    Facebook, Facebook, facebook reliance jio deal to go to cci for further checks, Google

    Facebook-Reliance Jio deal to go to CCI for further checks 2020-04-23 13:48:47

    While the $5.7 billion Facebook and Reliance Jio merger has brought along a lot of boost to the Indian economy, it is likely that this deal will have to be checked by the CCI and TRAI might step in as...

    Keywords: Jio, Trai, Trai, Facebook

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