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  • google, harassment, google employees across the world to stage sit in protest against workplace harassment, Google

    Google Employees Across the World to Stage Sit-In Protest Against Workplace Harassment 2019-05-01 09:32:19

    The Google employees are staging sit-in protest against workplace harassment at the IT major’s offices across the world on Wednesday nearly six months after staging the sit-in protest against the same. The group "Google Walkout For Real Change" announced the...

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    upgrade internet explorer 6 to 8 for xp, upgrade internet explorer 6 to 8 for xp, here s how youtube engineers plotted to kill internet explorer 6, Google

    Here’s How YouTube Engineers Plotted to Kill Internet Explorer 6 2019-05-06 06:40:16

    A group of engineers of YouTube has plotted to kill Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 nearly 10 years ago and the entire plot has been revealed by a former Google and YouTube engineer Chris Zacharias. According to a report in The...

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    oneplus 7 launch date, oneplus 7 features, oneplus 7 to price around rs 39 500 in india reports, Google

    OnePlus 7 to Price Around Rs 39,500 in India: Reports 2019-05-03 07:36:58

    The much-anticipated OnePlus 7 is all set to release on May 14 and the cost of this mobile is upmarket. The starting price of OnePlus 7 is likely to range from Rs 37,000 to Rs 39,500. OnePlus has invariably increased...

    Keywords: oneplus 7 cost, oneplus 7 mobile, oneplus 7 specification, oneplus 7 launch date

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    google, Wadhwani Institute for artificial intelligence, google grants india based institute of artificial intelligence a 2 million to create ai tech for pest control, Google

    Google Grants India-Based Institute of Artificial Intelligence a $2 Million to Create AI Tech for Pest Control 2019-05-08 11:03:12

    Google has granted a Mumbai based-Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence $2 million to create AI-based technologies that could help cut down crop losses in cotton farming, through integrated pest management. Apart from this, Google Cloud and AI experts will also...

    Keywords: Wadhwani Institute for artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, google, wadhwani

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    download tinder, list of chinese apps in india, rise of chinese apps in india tinder fifth most popular app in the country, Google

    Rise of Chinese Apps in India: Tinder Fifth-Most Popular App in the Country 2019-05-09 07:21:34

    China’s favorite dating application Tinder has grossed $260.7 million from Google Play Store and Apple App Store since the last quarter surpassing the video-streaming app Netflix in Q1 2019 revenues. Tinder is now the fifth-most-popular app in India by combined...

    Keywords: download tinder, 42 chinese apps list, tinder app download, list of chinese mobile apps in india

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    google location, auto delete google location history, you can soon be competent to auto delete google location history, Google

    You Can Soon Be Competent to Auto-Delete Google Location History 2019-05-02 12:30:46

    Google is gearing up to enable a feature that will allow people to automatically delete their location history, web and app activity data. The move has come in a bid to address privacy concerns. The search engine giant landed in...

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