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  • NRI Voter Joystan Lobo, Flight Ticket on Social Media, nri voter flaunts his flight ticket on social media someone goes and secretly cancels it, Technology

    NRI Voter Flaunts His Flight Ticket on Social Media, Someone Goes and Secretly Cancels It 2019-04-15 06:08:40

    Non-Resident Indians invariably be excited to visit their home country, while some unveil it by sharing with their closed ones some go to an extent of sharing particulars on social media, which sometimes be a drawback. An Indian origin man...

    Keywords: Indians in oman, Oman, Joystan Lobo, NRI Voter Joystan Lobo

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    internet users in India, technology, indians spend 17 hours per week on social media highest in the world, Technology

    Indians Spend 17 Hours Per Week on Social Media, Highest in the World 2019-04-17 10:15:09

    India is overcoming every country in internet adoption trends and has secured a new record of spending the highest amount of time on social media in the world. As per McKinsey's latest report on Indian online trends, there are an...

    Keywords: social media users in india, social media users in india, social media users in india, technology

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    Indian IT company infosys, infosys company, indian it firm infosys blame h 1b visa denials for high employee attrition, Technology

    Indian IT Firm Infosys Blame H-1B Visa Denials for High Employee Attrition 2019-04-16 05:18:06

    Indian Informational Technology (IT) consulting company has cited the denial of H-1B visas by the United States for the growing rate of employee attrition. In the fourth quarter, the company has recorded attrition or the employee outgoing rate at 18...

    Keywords: infosys founders, infosys products, infosys wiki, infosys wiki

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    tiktok users in india, tiktok users in india, tiktok app removed from google apple stores in india, Technology

    TikTok App Removed From Google, Apple Stores in India 2019-04-17 12:15:31

    TikTok, the Chinese video-sharing application, has been removed from the Google and the Apple app stores in India a day after the Indian government asked that access to the popular application, which has more than 230 million downloads in India,...

    Keywords: tiktok ban in india, tiktok in india, tiktok banned in India, tiktok ban in india

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    nasa rover challenge india, Indians at NASA, three indian teams win awards at nasa annual rover challenge, Technology

    Three Indian Teams Win Awards at NASA Annual Rover Challenge 2019-04-16 09:50:18

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded three teams from India as part of the United States space agency’s annual Human Exploration Rover Challenge which invites college and high school students to build and test roving vehicles for...

    Keywords: nasa human exploration rover challenge 2018, Exploration Rover Challenge, Indians at NASA, nasa human exploration rover challenge 2019

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    dubai, hacking, indian man jailed for three months followed by deportation for hacking 15 websites, Technology

    Indian Man Jailed for Three Months Followed by Deportation for Hacking 15 Websites 2019-04-16 13:14:13

    The 33-year-old Indian IT (Information Technology) programmer in Dubai has been sentenced to three months in prison followed by deportation for hacking 15 client websites after his employer deducted $1,080 from his salary, according to a media report.The Dubai Court of First...

    Keywords: dubai, indians jailed in dubai, hacking, dubai

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