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  • Czech Republic, Europe, eastern european autocrats pose new test for democracy, Foreign businesses

    Eastern European autocrats pose new test for democracy 2013-09-30 11:35:17

    A 40-minute drive south-west of Budapest, Felcsut is a typical Hungarian village on the surface, its cottages strung out neatly along either side of the long main street. Untypical of the Hungarian countryside, however, is the frenzy of building activity...

    Keywords: Hungary, Vladimir Putin, World news., Protest

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    investors in india, set up business, business setup in india by foreign nationals nri, Foreign businesses

    Business Setup in india by Foreign Nationals/NRI 2013-09-30 07:50:31

    In this article we are highlighting points for Foreign Nationals / NRI's can setup a Business in India This is for the regulatory aspects for setting up/ incorporating business in India by Foreign nationals / NRIs in light of the...

    Keywords: mutual funds of india, how to set up a company, business set up, foreign business in india

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