Vaastu can strengthen your MarriageMarriage and Relationships

June 27, 2016 10:18
Vaastu can strengthen your Marriage

The adrenaline rush that one feels in the pre marriage days dies soon after the marriage. The love says goodbye in the rush of our monotonous daily routine. Passion, care, love everything vanishes in the question whether Love does exist after marriage!

Dr Rupa Batra, an International Celebrity Consultant of Corporates, Vaastu Mentor, Feng-Shui and Numerology, Author and Speaker shares, "The amazing contrast in real and social life today is that where on one hand social networking websites are flooded with pictures of couples having a gala time, the real life says that divorce cases in urban population have increased to a never before level. Feng Shui helps us understand how to identify those loopholes where the energy from the relationship is draining."

But you can turn around marriage by maintaining Feng Shui, numerology and Vaastu. Follow few simple tricks.

Write out your thought
It is very important to understand that you cannot change your husband or any other person. One of the biggest reason for the conflicts after marriage is that we wish to change our partners in a way we feel correct. But that’s not the proper way. First we have to understand that everyone has their own set of ideology and outlooks towards life. Sometimes may be we fall in love because of these differences but slowly we start to hate that differences. Start writing your thoughts. It not only reduce your anger but let you think about the matter deeply. So that you can have a better understanding with yourself. Get a flower pot, place fresh flowers and with that put in secret messages saying "I respect your opinion but it would be better if you consider mine too." Not only will the fresh flowers absorb all negativity but the habit of writing and letting your spouse know what's in your heart will save a lot of time, effort and quarrel.

Get your Picture framed
Frame a photograph where you and your husband are together before marriage. Keep that in the right corner of your bed. Whenever you feel low this picture will remind you that life has taken a leap and now it needs a lot of investment in the form of love.

Hang a Wind Chime
The person you married is surrounded by  energies from his past life like family , business etc, which obstructs the proper flow of love between you two. Wind chime at the right of the entrance will create wonders as this emits music  from cylindrical pipes which are designed to emit balanced energies.

Place a picture of the butterfly at the Entrance
Our stairs or the passage is the place where we spend few seconds or minutes before entering home. Sometimes this space is blocked with unknown energies.  Picture of a butterfly with a touching motivational message can be placed at the entrance. Butterfly demonstrates how an ugly outlook can be turned into a beautiful one with just genuine efforts. This will help to change your thoughts or that of your partner while entering or leaving the house.

With these few Vaastu tips you can really handle problems in your marriage.

By Prakriti Neogi

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