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  • Aries

    Aries ( Mar 21 - Apr 19 )

    A rendezvous in a strange location lends some excitement to the start of your week. You feel a bi

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  • Taurus

    Taurus ( Apr 20 - May 20 )

    As much as you love your friends and associates, other people are a liability on Monday and Tuesd

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  • Gemini

    Gemini ( May 21 - Jun 20 )

    If what you are saying just isn't getting through to you-know-whom, consider the way you're sayin

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  • Cancer

    Cancer ( Jun 21 - Jul 22 )

    Your wattage might be running low on Monday and Tuesday, so do something chill: take lunch on you

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  • Leo

    Leo ( Jul 23 - Aug 22 )

    You are bounding down the street on Monday and Tuesday. Or perhaps down the highway. You have a p

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  • Virgo

    Virgo ( Aug 23 - Sep 22 )

    You'd love to stop the raft and change course, but these are some mighty fine rapids. The safest

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  • Libra

    Libra ( Sep 23 - Oct 22 )

    Social experimentation at the start of the week totally pays off. You put the oddest ideas on the

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  • Scorpio

    Scorpio ( Oct 23 - Nov 21 )

    You are your own person, certainly, but you find yourself at the start of the week feeling more i

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  • Sagittarius

    Sagittarius ( Nov 22 - Dec 21 )

    Good feelings and good will abound on Monday and Tuesday. It's sounds cheesy, but everyone you kn

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  • Capricorn

    Capricorn ( Dec 22 - Jan 19 )

    As they say, anything is possible if you put your mind to it, but it's not just your mind that's

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  • Aquarius

    Aquarius ( Jan 20 - Feb 18 )

    Your social group could use a few new members, so be open to unfamiliar faces on Monday and Tuesd

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  • Pisces

    Pisces ( Feb 19 - Mar 20 )

    Monday is your lucky day. So is Tuesday, in fact. Don't rush out and buy a lottery ticket -- it's

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