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November 20, 2017 12:33
Hottest Technology Trends For The Year 2018; What Is In For Us Ahead

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We are born in the tech age where each moment begins with amazing and astonishing technology and gets revived even quicker than we expect. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Simulated experiences, Robotics, immersive digital twins, cloud computing  and many novel technological trends are already sprucing up our day to day lives. Its not just a visual treat limited only to Science Fiction movies, but we have these high tech gadgets in our homes too. Let us look at some of the coolest and most advanced technology picks which are already a part of us and whats in for us ahead.

Some of the hottest technology picks for the coming years:

When we thought technology and digitization have reached their acme, something unbelievable comes in and we are stunned as ever. The below mind blowing technology trends are just a bird’s eye view of what’s in store. Many a million gadgets are already in pipeline which aim at bringing comfort, happiness and health to us, check out the below tech trends for the days ahead:

1- Kuri Robotic Nanny:
Kuri Robotic Nanny                       Image Credit:
Yes you read that right. There is a nanny which is all driven by technology and she can patrol your house and alert you for any stranger in the close proximity. This robotic nanny will entertain you with music, audio books and podcasts too.

2- Microsoft Emma Watch:
Microsoft Emma Watch                       Image credit:
Microsoft brings you the most endearing of technological advancements for people with Parkinsons. Just wear this wristband like watch and the tremors or shaking sensations are stemmed. This watch sends some vibrations through the patient’s wrist and stops the continuous shivering due to Parkinsons.

3- Nest Thermostat:
Nest Thermostat                       Image credit:
Now no more hassle of running around to change the thermostat settings at home, just regulate it all using your smart phone. Our cell phones are probably the most advanced of all tech trends in the past decade. This smart thermostat helps in analyzing the energy usage at your home and brings you the data details like never before. The home owner’s daily routine can be tracked and understood by this product for a wonderful experience.

4- Pulse Smart Bulb:
Pulse Smart Bulb                       Image credit: Pinterest
This smart bulb is part functional lightening device and part entertaining system. This is the most stunning investment for a home owner for each bulb contains a speaker hidden inside which plays music wirelessly. This bulb can be easily controlled by an app on your existing smart phones.

5- Nest Secure Alarm system:
Nest Secure Alarm system                       Image credit:
Welcome to a revolutionizing kind of security system for your home. With nest guard, nest detect, nest app and nest tag; you have it all with you.You can arm and disarm form nest app, from anywhere. Absolutely no rush arming and disarming the security system, and with tag your friends and family member options to let them in despite you being away. Nest gives you everything you can imagine to keep the security at home intact.

6- Razer Project Valerie:
Razer Project Valerie                       Image credit: Youtube
Razer’s concept design brings in three screen laptops for 4K displays where you can play three games on these separate screens. You can also use multiple set ups for this revolutionary gaming device.

7- Polaroid Pop:
Polaroid Pop                       Image credit:
Get instant digital prints in utmost quality. No more worry about the cell phone printer or wireless printers, use this camera for instant handy pictures. Get 3 by 4 inch polaroid prints which are truly stunning.

8- Livia for menstrual cramps:
Livia for menstrual cramps                       Image credit:
No more worry about your menstrual cramps as this device attaches to your body and sends signals to relieve pain. By clipping this device onto your clothes, it sends pulses to your back and abdomen. The site of pain it hit and discomfort is reduced. This is the most healthy alternative to just popping pain killers

9- Wearable Breast Pump from Willow:
Wearable Breast Pump from Willow                       Image credit:
Specially designed for lactating mothers who are working. This device helps in collecting milk inside the bra using a disposable bag and does it all quietly. The spill proof bag in which milk is collected can be tracked through an app for volume of milk collected. Giving you hands free approach, this is the best way to stay on the run while the milk gets expressed and collected in most healthy way.

10- Self Driving Cars:
Self Driving Cars                       Image credit:
Elon Musk is no new name, and Tesla’s self driving cars are actually getting personalized and available to people. Also google’s self driving car named Waymo introduced self driving hybrid minivan which is going to revolutionize our travel and transportation. Some US locations have already started using self driving cars after successful pilot launch.

11- Technological future of surgery is right here:
Technological future of surgery is right here                        Image credit:
The scene from Matrix is just around the corner where robots would perform surgeries on human body. Many companies are working on building specialized robots for different kinds of surgeries using Virtual Reality, augmented reality and would come up with minimal invasive surgery options sooner than determined.

12- The next gen TV’s are here already:
The next gen TV’s are here already                       Image credit:
From HDR, QLED, OLED, 4G, Ultra HD and more, look ahead for more of these in 2018. The TV set is lighter and flatter than ever and with the recent advancements, Television is becoming a less cumbersome device which is improving advancements in our entertainment and communication even further.

13- 3D Printer:
3D Printer                       Image credit:
3D printers are now more than just commercial products, with the affordable price tags; these printers are becoming a part of our home and schools too. Print weapons, boats, foods, use for construction designing and more real world items. And usage of 3D printing in construction, medicine and studies is on a rise like never before, Expect some stunning new additions for the coming years

14- Finger prints in technology:
Finger prints in technology                       Image credit:
Now securing your mobile phone, home security, clock in records at office and even payment through your credit or debit cards is getting linked with finger prints. This is the safest way to keep spam at par. Expect some more wonderful additions here

15- DSLR:
DSLR                       Image credit:
More and more professional DSLR’s are coming in. From landscapes to intimate portraits and even more; these wonderful technology trends are changing the way we capture memories.

The above hottest Technology Trends for the Year 2018 is a sure charming compilation with some of the most stunning and advanced technological developments which will make our comings years not only wonderful but also digitized. Read through our hottest Camera Phone trends from past year and how we look ahead for more stunning technologies.

By Minu Manisha

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