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February 09, 2017 18:34
North Carolina man arrested for kidnapping woman

Deputies arrested a North Carolina man after they found a woman chained up in a shed outside of Fayetteville.

The man has been charged with kidnapping a woman.

Hoke County deputies responded to report about a disturbance call on Tuesday 7th Feb.  The report was regarding noises coming from an outbuilding behind a trailer home in the 200 block of Quick Wilkerson Road in Raeford.

When deputies reached the incident area they peered inside the cluttered shed, they found a woman tied up with rope and a chain.

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Deputies said the woman told them that she had been bound and locked in the shed against her will.

According to the local news channels, the woman was held captive for about an hour; she was left with bruises on her arms and wrists.

Gary Alen McNair 52-year-old was charged with second degree kidnapping for kidnapping. He lives nearby in the 600 block of Ray Street, he was arrested on Tuesday.

McNair's mother, Verdell McNair, told to local news reporters that she made the 911 call Tuesday night, summoning the deputies after she heard noises coming from the shed on her property.

She also said that, she went inside the house to retrieve her loaded gun because she was alone and did not know what was going on.

She added that her son was 'a good boy', as far as she knew him.

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